{March 19 2013}


btw I have the following URLs hoarded if anyone wants them

  • jagdkommando (austrian special forces)
  • dj-scully (killing floor)
  • thedamned33rd (spec ops: the line)
  • us-agent
  • knuckleschaotix
  • sonicspinball
  • rvawvegetaoies and rvaw-vegetaoies (based on this horse_ebooks tweet)
  • michaelbiehn and michael-biehn

some of these are pretty fucking good (michaelbiehn in particular I cannot believe wasn’t hoarded) but as long as I can assume within a reasonable degree of certainty you’re not going to just waste it then you’re more than welcome to one because it’s not like I’m ever going to use them

  1. robert-downey-syndrome said: I’ll give you my left mut, liver and right kidney for robert-downey-syndrome.
  2. capcomversussnk said: knuckleschaotix thats perfect
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